Medmanor - About Us


To keep EXPAND Pharma comply with new competitive opportunities, quality compliance departments have started several programs for that:
Quality coordinator team: `
This team is created to transfer the concept of quality across all EXPAND level by nominating one from each site to be a quality coordinator in parallel to main task. This action can help to trans the concept very fast and without any additive cost.
Warehouse committee:
Warehouse committee was built to help warehouses management to get one decision regarding same issues and topics which will help in share of opinion and experience transition between all warehouse managers.
Self-Inspection team:
This team was created to help self-auditing and investigation to keep all EXPAND operations work smoothly and as it design. This team consists of highly experienced professionals by choosing one member from sales and other from warehouse with the presence of sales and distribution director and leaded by quality compliance manager.
This team made 16 site visits for all warehouses and sales offices, 8 as preannounced and 8 as surprised visits. This action helped EXPAND Pharma to establish an auditing program which will help its growth and improvement.