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The company includes a selection of management leadership with local and global experiences.

Medmanor - Manufacturing Facilities

Founder & CEO
Dr:Fawaz alkhawlani

Dr-Fawaz Alkhawlani has a huge of experience in different International & local markets like in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and especially in Yemen Market for more than 15 years in different multinational pharmaceutical companies like Boheringer Ingelhime ,Saudi Japanese pharmaceutical and finally Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

Medmanor - Manufacturing Facilities

chief operating officer (COO)
Dr:Osama Abboud

Dr-Osama Abboud has a very strong experience in Yemen Market for more than 14 years and held many management positions in different multinational & local pharmaceutical companies like Ram pharma ,Aspen ,GSK and finally with the Indian company Omega MEYER LTD .
The concept of leadership in EXPAND is based on several principles such as:
• Determining the strategic direction.
•Continuous follow up of the managemental system and institutional performance.
• Strengthening the relationship with concerned parties.
• Supporting quality,excellence and innovation culture.
• Change and risks management.
• Corporate governance and social responsibility.
• The non-stop technological advancement and environment preserve.